Jewelry, Art and Valuables

Scheduling your jewelry, fine arts, and other valuable items can provide higher limits and broader coverages. These are a few of the most common scheduled items.



This is the most typical class of property scheduled. The standard homeowners policy limits theft of Jewelry to $1,500. This is not a per piece limit, but a per loss limit. If someone were to break into your home and steal every piece of jewelry you own, would this be enough? Scheduling jewelry also provides broader coverage. For instance, the standard policy would provide no coverage if a diamond falls out or if you simply lose the piece of jewelry. A scheduled piece of jewelry would be covered in both of these instances.

Art & Antiques

Scheduling these items will broaden the causes of loss covered under the policy. The standard policy would not cover your art if you accidentally knock over a vase or a picture off the wall. Scheduled items would be covered for these instances and many others.

One of the main benefits of scheduling these items is the agreed value settlement. It can be very difficult to determine the exact value of a piece of art or antique. This is especially true if it is a one-of-a-kind item. Scheduling allows you to come to an agreement with the insurance company before the loss and ensure you will not have any issues at the time of settlement.

You do not want to discuss the value for the first time after the item is already destroyed.

Coin Collections & Stamp Collections

These are also limited by your policy and not just for theft. Your collection may only be insured for $200-$1,500. Give us a call if you have a collection of great value.


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